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Blog policy

 This blog is primarily educational in the field of medicine in general and the field of liver and digestive system, diets and therapeutic nutrition in particular. It is a free blog to spread medical awareness in the community, so there are some terms and conditions that must be adhered to

First: It is not permissible to put posts or comments outside the medical framework of the blog

Second: It is strictly forbidden to use the blog in propaganda for people or institutions

Third: Posting any comments or pictures that offend modesty or violate public morals

Fourth: It is forbidden to use the blog to defame others, whether people or institutions

Fifth: It is allowed to put quoted posts, but on condition that the rights of the owner are preserved, and the main source of the post, whether written, audio or visual, must be mentioned.

Sixth: It is strictly forbidden to use the blog for political or partisan purposes or to advertise for any faction or group.