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Fatty Liver Treatment: What Is It? How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally


 Fatty Liver Treatment: What Is It? How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally

Fatty Liver Treatment: What Is It? How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally

Fatty liver disease is an 
epidemic of the era, because of unhealthy lifestyles and bad eating habits. In this article, we’ll discuss some natural remedies for treating fatty liver.

What is a fatty liver?

It is the accumulation of fat on the liver, which may lead to chronic inflammation of the liver that may result in cirrhosis of the liver, and some cases develop into cancerous tumors in the liver.

What is the percentage of normal liver fat?

It is natural that there is no fat percentage on the healthy liver.

Causes of fatty liver:

There are two types of fatty liver

1- Alcoholic fatty liver (ALD), which results from alcohol addiction

2- Non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD), which is the most common and still has several causes, the most important of which are:

-Weight gain

-Type 2 diabetes

- It may be part of the metabolic syndrome (obesity - type 2 diabetes - pressure - high triglycerides in the blood)

-Genetic factors: some people had fatty liver without obesity due genetic or inherited factors.

Symptoms of fatty liver:

Before the stage of cirrhosis, there are almost no symptoms, and a person may feel permanent lethargy and easy fatigability, and fatty liver is often discovered during a medical examination for another reason.

Complications of fatty liver disease:

Neglecting the treatment of fatty liver may lead to chronic inflammation of the liver, which leads to cirrhosis of the liver, and it may develop into liver cancer, whether because of cirrhosis of the liver or even before reaching the stage of cirrhosis.

The most important investigations:

1- Liver and kidney functions and blood picture

2- Accumulated sugar and blood fats

3- Virus C and B virus analysis

4- Ultrasound

5- Fibroscan

Fatty Liver Treatment: What Is It? How To Treat Fatty Liver Naturally

It is a new technique, replacing the liver biopsy to determine the percentage of fats and fibers in the liver.

The liver fat is graded into 4 grades:

S0 no fat

S1 mild liver fat

S2 moderate liver fat

S3 severe liver fat

while, the fibrosis is graded into 5 stages

F0 no fibrosis

F1 mild fibrosis

F2 moderate fibrosis

F3 severe fibrosis

F4 advanced fibrosis (liver cirrhosis)

Treatment of a fatty liver disease:

It is based on several axes


 It is necessary to avoid sugars, starches, and pastries, increase the fresh fruits and vegetables in diet.

Attempt the Mediterranean eating regimen:

Research from 2017 recommends that the Mediterranean eating regimen might assist with lessening liver fat, even without weight reduction.

The Mediterranean eating routine likewise helps conditions usually connected with NAFLD, including elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

This eating plan centers around an assortment of plant-based food varieties and sound fats. Here is a short outline of food sources to zero in on:

Leafy foods

Plan to eat an assortment. Take a stab at adding more:








salad greens










Attempt to include:






Sound fats

Utilize sound oils, like additional virgin olive oil. High centralizations of sound fats can likewise be seen as in:





Fish and lean meats

Pick fish two times seven days. Eggs and lean poultry, as skinless chicken, and turkey, are fine with some restraint.

Entire grains

Consume natural grains and cereals, for example,

entire wheat bread

earthy colored rice

entire oats


entire wheat pasta


 Slimming to reach the ideal weight

Reduction of 7% of body weight decreases the fat content of the liver, while reduction of 10% of body weight reduces the liver fibrosis.

 Treating associated diseases

 such as diabetes, hypertension, and blood lipids.


They are selected according to the degree of fat and fibrosis in the liver, and the most important medicines used are antioxidants such as vitamin E and medicines that reduce insulin resistance.

Natural Remedies for Fatty Liver

There are several natural remedies for fatty liver. One of these is called “cabbage juice.” Cabbage juice has been used as an effective treatment for fatty liver. This remedy involves drinking one cup of cabbage juice every day. You can also take supplements containing vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 helps reduce fat deposits in the body.

Drinking coffee

Studies have shown that drinking two cups of coffee a day reduces the incidence of fatty liver cancer by 35 percent and drinking five cups reduces the incidence by fifty percent.

Prevention of fatty liver disease:

1- Maintaining an ideal weight

2- Reducing sugars, starches, pastries, and adding fresh fruits and vegetables.

3- Do 30 minutes of walking 5 times a week.


Lifestyle modification and Mediterranean diet are the best ways to prevent and treat fatty liver disease.