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All about Stomach Balloons for Weight Loss - How They Work 2022


 All about Stomach Balloons for Weight Loss - How They Work 2022

Stomach balloons are an effective way to lose weight fast. Learn more about them here! Get ready for a new era of weight loss! Are stomach balloons safe? Find out everything you need to know about these amazing devices!

gastric balloon for slimming2022

Stomach Balloons for Weight Loss: How They Work?

It is a balloon that is placed in the stomach through the endoscope to reduce the area of ​​the stomach cavity.

gastric balloon for slimming2022

What are the reasons for using the gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is used in cases of moderate obesity (body mass index between 30 and 35)

What are the types of stomach balloon for weight loss?

There are 3 main types of gastric balloon for slimming

Hydroponic gastric balloon:

This type of balloon is characterized by its ability to achieve the highest percentage of weight loss compared to the rest of the other types.

The most famous water balloons are the American balloon (Orbera) or the Russian balloon (Medsil).

Where the balloon is installed through the gastroscopy and also removed after 6 months through the endoscope as well and is filled with the solution only.

 Video showing how to remove the gastric balloon by the gastroscope

It is also possible to put more than one balloon, as is the case in a balloon (Obaloon).

Where the person swallows it as a medicine capsule and it is inflated through the catheter, and every month another balloon is added until the stomach is filled with three balloons.

Adjustable Balloon Spatz

It is a balloon that is also installed through a gastroscope and filled with solution, and it is also removed with a gastroscope as well. The main advantage of this balloon is that it is possible to control the inflation of the balloon with the solution while it is in the stomach, meaning that if the patient complains of severe vomiting symptoms, the balloon valve can be pulled up through The endoscope and suctioning an amount of the solution from inside the balloon to become relatively lighter on the patient’s stomach and then the vomiting symptoms disappear. On the other hand, if the patient does not get the required weight loss, the balloon can be inflated with a larger amount in the same way.

Also, this balloon is distinguished by the fact that it can be placed for a period of 12 months, not just 6 months.

Air balloon (heliosphere)

They are also installed and removed through the endoscope, and unlike water balloons, they are filled with air only.

These balloons are characterized by their lightness on the stomach, which can reduce the feeling of vomiting and nausea compared to water balloons on the other side, which are less effective in losing weight compared to water balloons.


It is also installed and removed through the endoscope as well and is filled with solution and air together with the aim of obtaining the advantage of lightness boring reduces symptoms of vomiting and nausea without reducing its effectiveness in weight loss significantly.

What are the slimming balloons that have been approved by the European Union and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?



What are the slimming balloons that have the approval of the European Union only?



Elipse balloon



What does a stomach balloon for weight loss cost?

The price varies from country to country according to the type of balloon and the dollar price at the time of balloon installation.

What are the contraindications to using the balloon?

- Excessive obesity cases, as in these cases it is preferable to perform slimming surgeries such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

- The presence of a stomach ulcer

- The presence of a large hiatal hernia

What is the benefit of a balloon?

The goal of the balloon is to reduce the stomach space, which prevents the person from eating excessive amounts of food, and if he tries to do so, vomiting occurs directly to get rid of the excess food.

Does the balloon sing about a diet for weight loss?

No, the balloon is an aid besides the diet that helps the patient to quickly get rid of excess weight

Gastric balloon weight loss results:

This varies from person to person according to his commitment to the diet, but it is on average between 20 and 40 kg in six months

How is the gastric balloon installed?

The balloon is installed through the gastroscope from the mouth, using a simple anesthetic

How long does balloon installation take?

From 5-10 minutes

How long do you leave the balloon in the stomach?

For 6 months, then it is taken out through the endoscope as well

Gastric balloon and its dangers?

The balloon is generally safe and the side effects are simple, as in most cases a feeling of vomiting occurs that lasts for 3-4 days after the balloon is installed and is overcome with some simple medicines. But in about (7%) of the patients, they cannot tolerate the presence of the balloon in the stomach and enter into repeated episodes of vomiting for a period of more than a week.

In some cases, the balloon may leak into the small intestine and cause intestinal obstruction, which requires immediate surgical removal.

Can the balloon explode and what is the effect on the patient?

Good quality balloons do not have this, and if there is a leak of fluid inside the balloon, it is quickly detected from the change in the color of urine to green (the color of methylene blue with which the balloon is filled) and then will be removed by the gastroscope.

What are the latest types of stomach balloon?

The Elipse balloon, or the stomach capsule, as they are called, is a balloon that is installed without a gastroscope, which the patient swallows like a medicine capsule, and then inflates it with the solution after making sure that it reaches the stomach by means of an X-ray, and this balloon remains in the stomach for a period of 6 -12 months as it decomposes automatically and does not need to be removed with endoscopes like a regular balloon.

gastric balloon for slimming2022


The gastric balloon is a very safe way to lose weight, provided that the right patient is chosen.