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Tips and tricks for treatment of nocturnal esophageal reflux disease


Tips and tricks for treatment of nocturnal esophageal reflux disease

 In this article, we will talk about a very important topic that concerns a very large segment of readers, which is nocturnal GERD. We will quickly learn about its causes and why some patients develop nocturnal GERD, as well as what is its danger, how to overcome reflux, and what is the relationship between drinking tea and GERD, and whether is it possible to treat Gastroesophageal reflux disease permanently herbal.

Tips and tricks for treatment of nocturnal esophageal reflux disease

What is GERD?

GERD is the backflow of acid or food from the stomach into the esophagus.

What are the causes of GERD?

  • Weakness in the lower esophageal muscle
  • The presence of a hernia in the diaphragm, which deprives the lower esophageal muscle from the strengthening of the diaphragm.

What are the causes of nocturnal GERD?

A large proportion of patients suffer from nocturnal GERD, which is when the patient wakes up from sleep complaining of acidity and burning, and may reach the east of his awakening from sleep.

Reasons for this happening:

During sleep, the patient is lying on his back, so there is no effect of gravity, which prevents acid from returning to the top while awake.


During sleep, saliva decreases, which plays a very important role in the process of eliminating acid that returns to the esophagus.


Decreased swallowing during sleep, which rids the patient of any acid that returns to the esophagus while awake.


In patients with a hiatal hernia, this hernia is a pocket in which acid collects at the bottom of the esophagus and this acid rises up during sleep.

What is the risk of nocturnal GERD?

• The presence of acid for long hours in the esophagus causes ulcers, which in the long run may cause esophageal cancer.

• The acid may also cause frequent infections of the sinuses and throat.

• Reflux also causes the patient to cough and cough continuously.

• This patient wakes up constantly during sleep and does not sleep well and wakes up very tired and there are dark circles around his eyes.

What is the ultimate solution for nocturnal GERD?

General Tips:

It is very important that the patient's last meal should be four hours before bedtime and be a light meal.

As well as abstaining from hot and spicy food, fat and fatty food in the evening meal.

When sleeping, the head of the bed should be raised

There are companies that have produced pillows specifically designed for GERD patients to raise the head of the bed.

It is also important to sleep on the left side so that the liver puts pressure on the lower esophageal muscle and prevents reflux.

The relationship of tea and GERD?

Many wonder about the relationship of tea, whether it is green or regular tea, and is this useful for GERD patients, in fact, drinking tea is not beneficial for a GERD patient, but on the contrary, excessive intake of it may cause an increase in reflux, and the preservatives in green tea may increase From the feeling of acidity and burning.

Can GERD be permanently treated with herbs?

There is no definitive herbal treatment for GERD, but there are some herbs that relieve stomach acidity and reduce the feeling of reflux symptoms, such as chamomile, licorice, carob, and rosemary. On the other hand, there are herbs that increase the symptoms of GERD, such as ginger and mint.


Does the patient suffer from reflux throughout the day or only at night, if the reflux is only at night, the patient will take the medicine before lunch, but if the reflux is continuous throughout the day and at night, the dose of the medicine is divided into two doses before breakfast and before lunch, or new acid-inhibiting drugs are used Extended-release stomach for 24 hours, thus controlling nocturnal GERD.


Nocturnal GERD causes many troubles for the patient, and special instructions must be followed in addition to drug therapy to control it. I hope I answered your questions, I will leave you now with a subtitled video about the same topic.